Portable G Pen Vaporizer Review

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g-pen-vaporizerG Pen vaporizer is high quality stainless steel vaporizers that can effectively manage your essential oils with ease. G vaporizer is made with two unique sides that you can effectively use to make your vaporizing more enjoyable. The other side of the G vaporizer can be used to perfectly scoop the fillings into the tank while its sharp edge can be used effectively in off the storage cap from the G tank.

Portable G Pen vaporizer has been touted to be the game changer of vaporizers. The vaporizer is created based on the most advance vaporizer technology and designed to deliver quality service from years of research by the company’s herbalist. In fact the G Pen vaporizer is engineered exactly to overpower the existing vaporizers in the aromatherapy community. The vaporizer is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can last for long hours of continuous use. What makes the portable G Pen vaporizer different from other vaporizers in the market today is that it is engineered to work with G Tank. The portable vaporizers transfers enough power to the tank system and vaporize oil essentials at the ideal temperature of combustion. The design of g pen is created to make your aromatherapy experience more discreet and convenient.

Portable G pen Vaporizer Features and Accessories

  • Quick Heat Up Time – Just put your essential oils turn on the vaporizer, and it will be ready to use in less than a minute.
  • Easy to use – G Pen portable vaporizer is user friendly designed that can deliver outstanding aromatherapy experience to all its users.
  • Portable and Small – like other portable vaporizers, G Pen can never your side allowing you to enjoy aromatherapy experience anywhere you are and anytime you want.
  • 1 Year Warranty – like all portable vaporizers in the market today, G Pen is backed up with one year warranty and great customer support.
  • Accessories included are 1 G Tank, 1 G tool, 1 wall charger, 1 AC adapter, and 2 essential containers.

Unlike huge vaporizers that needs complicated instructions before you use, the portable G Pen vaporizer is very simple to use. To use the vaporizer, remove the storage plastic cap cover, insert your essential oils or other preferred ingredients, and enjoy vaporizing in just seconds. The new G box system has no small pieces that can be broken or get loss and apart from that the products is super easy to fill.

When G Pen vaporizer comes to you upon the delivery it comes with fully charge lithium battery and empty tanks making you ready to insert your daily aromatherapy ingredients anytime you want. G Tank is designed to vaporize essential oils by taking considerations to the moat important variables of vaporizing. These variables are average density, temperature, consistency, and weight. The Vaporizer is constructed with a tank that vaporize and not combust your ingredients.

Vaporizing has been very popular because it successfully eliminates the harmful substances that are normally present in tobacco smoke. The heating temperature of vaporizers heat contents below point of combustion which maximizes the smooth effects of vapor from ingredients.



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